Route and Lodging

The Kleeblatt Competitions are carried out at our club home in Fürth / Stadeln.
Your way by car: Leave the Autobahn A73 at the exit “Erlangen Eltersdorf” (35). Go right and follow the road to the right to the “Eltersdorfer Straße / Stadelner Hauptstraße”. In Fürth / Stadeln go left at the second crossing to the “Herboldshofer Straße”, the next to the left is the “Bayernstraße”. Our Club home is at the end of the “Bayernstraße”. We have a limited parking space in at our club home. Please park at the large parking area at the corner “Herboldshofer Straße” / “Bayernstraße”. Your way by bus: The nearest bus stop is “Fürth / Stadeln, Herboldshofer Straße”. Just follow the “Bayernstraße” to it’s end. Our club home is at the end of the “Bayernstraße”. Your way by train: From the station in Vach follow the “Herboldshofer Straße” to Stadeln. Go right to the “Bayernstraße” and follow it to it’s end.
Tanzsportgemeinschaft Fürth e. V. Bayernstraße 51 90765 Fürth Deutschland Tel: +49 - 911 - 77 32 11 Fax: +49 - 911 - 21 77 284
Lodging: NH Hotel Fürth Nürnberg Königstraße 140 90762 Nürnberg Double room: 79 Euro incl. Breakfast Please book your room via this mail address or phone number: Web: Mail: Phone: +49-30-2238-0233 With the keyword “Kleeblattturnier” and the booking-number 59918904 you get the special conditions for your booking. Booking is possible until March, 9th 2019. Private Lodging If you are interested in a private lodging or if you want to offer it, please write to: Please tell us your estimated time of arrival and departure and if you use bus / train or car. We will try to privide you with an appropriate lodging.
Tanzsportgemeinschaft Fürth e.V. - Bayernstraße 51 - 90765 Fürth / Stadeln - Tel: 0911 - 77 32 11 -