Competition procedures and rules

The competition for female and male couples are carried out separately. If there are not enough couples for a class (D, C, B, A), the classes can be joined as needed. Prior to the competitions all participating couples are placed by the jury in their appropriate class (D, C, B, A) at a classifaction dance in both standard and latin ballroom dances. The order of the separate competitions (male, female and D, C, B, A) are listet in the competition plan. Prior to the classification dance there will be a general look (Slow Walz and Cha Cha). At the classification dance three dances have to be shown: Latin: - ChaCha (CC) - Rumba (RB) - Jive (JI) Standard: - Slow Walz (LW) - Tango (TG) - Quickstep (QS) After the classification the competitions take place in all classes D, C, B and A in both sections standard and latin. The realisation of the competitions is based on the rules of the European Same- Sex Dance Association (ESSDA) and the german Association for Equality Dancesport DVET. Depending of the numbers of couples the separate classes are carried out in several heats (preliminary, semi-final and final heat). A dancing couple must consist of two female or two male persons. A dancer can compete together with one dancer in the standard section and with another dancer in the latin section. It is not allowed that a dancer will compete in more than one class in one section. An exception is a couple winning in a class (i.e. the B-class) and being automatically qualified to compete in the next higher class (here the A- class). At the separate competitions the scoring won’t be shown. Female and male couples start separate in their classes. In the standard section the classes D, C, B and A will contain the following dances:   D-class: LW, TG, QS C-class: LW, TG, QS B-class: LW, TG, SF, QS A-class: LW, TG, WW, SF, QS   In the latin section the classes D, C, B and A will contain this dances:   D-class: CC, RB, JI C-class: CC, RB, JI B-class: SB, CC, RB, JI A-class: SB, CC, RB, PD, JI In all heats the duration of a dance will be approx. 1:30 min to 1:45 min. In the preliminary heats and in the semi-finals the Paso Doble will be played to the second highlight, in the final heat to the third highlight.
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